Websites That Get You Customers, Not Just Clicks

We’ve worked with hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses over the last 15 years, in almost every industry we can think of. There is one thing that all of these businesses had in common – they required a website that converted more clicks into actual leads.

To attract valid leads, you cannot simply rely on your customers intuition to find you and make an enquiry. A robust lead generation strategy needs to be forumated with the right combination of website design, content and marketing channels.

What Kinds of Leads Can We Help You Attract?

We’ve helped businesses in many different industries and at many different stages of their online growth;

  • Local services: Electricians, Plumbers and Home Improvement Contractors
  • Professional services: Lawyers, Dentists and Accountants
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Small Business Sales Leads
  • Lead generation in highly competitive markets in the US

The first steps to developing a successful lead generation campaign for your business

Lead generation is an essential strategy for any business, regardless of size or market. It involves drawing attention and creating a steady stream of qualified prospects ready to become customers. From B2C to B2B, lead generation has the potential to transform your business by driving sales growth opportunities and increasing revenues.

The initial and most significant step is to recognise who your target audience is and construct buyer personas to understand their desires, objectives, and struggles.

This stage is often overlooked and results in the wrong messaging or marketing channels being used, giving little to no returns on your investment.

Lead Generation, Tailored to Your Business

Every business is unique and has its own requirements and goals. Our team of experienced lead generation professionals take the time to understand your mission, objectives and competition in order to customise a solution specifically for you.

During our initial cosultation, we’ll create a detailed portrait of your ideal customer and fully grasp what each conversion is worth for your business.

We’ll examine your customers buying behaviors and the channels they use, and plan a range of strategies to capture those leads. We’ll analyse the data from your current website and discuss what changes need to be made in order to maximize lead generation opportunities, and if a new website if required to achieve your goals.

screenshot of analytics showing lead generation results for a client website
Ongoing lead generation improvements for a client in the seasonal home services industry.
How would results like this impact your business?

Conversion Optimised Design

Once we have a deep understanding of your business, products and services, it’s time to build a website that will convert your website visitors in to leads.

Already have a website that isn’t performing?

We can look to make improvements to your existing website if there is a framework in place that can be customised to some degree. We often help clients make changes to their already built websites, restructuring to improve content, creating new landing pages, designing call to actions and increasing the overall conversion rate.

If a new website is required, our experienced web designers will use their expertise in UX/UI and conversion optimisation to ensure your website is designed for lead generation success.

We believe that the combination of customer focused content and optimisation techniques are key to successful lead generation campaigns.

Our team will tailor your website for maximum visibility, usability and conversions. We focus on providing an exceptional user experience that guides visitors through the site in order to convert them into qualified leads.

The main components of our lead generation website design service

  • Develop a clear and compelling value proposition for your products or services.
  • User-friendly navigation that makes it easy to find what they need.
  • Informative and engaging content to educate users and build trust.
  • Strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) throughout the website to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as filling out a contact form or scheduling a consultation.
  • Use specific landing pages to attract visitors from a specific channel or user group.
  • We also create an effective lead capture system that allows you to easily manage, track and respond to leads in a timely manner.

Marketing Channels For Website Lead Generation

Once your lead generation website is live, we’ll begin setting up marketing campaigns to draw in more traffic and increase conversions. Activities such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing and more will be employed to ensure maximum return on investment.

Our team of lead generation professionals will discover the most reliable marketing channels for your business that may include organic search, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Advertising or even traditional offline methods such as direct mail. We are flexible and not restricted to any one channel; it all depends on what will best serve your particular business needs.


We’ll provide regular reports so you can track progress of your website and make sure it is continuing to perform at its best.

These reports will include information such as how many visitors came to your website, how long they stayed, and how many converted into leads. We’ll also provide insights on the performance of different campaigns so you can make adjustments as needed.

Why Webrevolve is the lead generation agency for you

Our ultimate goal is to maximise the success of your businesses through digital marketing. We provide straightforward, honest services without imposing any long-term commitments.

Here is our promise to you:

  • No contracts, ever! Our customers don’t remain loyal to us because of contractual obligations, but because we are consistently providing them with satisfying results.
  • Clear & Honest Communication: We don’t make false promises or shy away from difficulties, but instead we provide you with ongoing feedback on results (good or bad) and collaborate together as a partner to help reach your goals.
  • We always go the extra mile: We’re in this for the long haul and know what it takes to make a successful digital marketing campaign work. This means going the extra distance to impress you with our results.