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Did You Look in the SEO Mirror this Morning?

To coin that well known phrase, “why, oh why aren’t I appearing on page one on Google by now – what am I doing so wrong – my website has been around for years now, surely it should have some authority by now?” We hear your pain.

For a couple of years you’ve been employing link builders, spinning articles, spamming websites, flooding directories, over and over again. You’ve even considered visiting a few black-hat SEO forums for a few easy cheats, but Google catches you red-handed. Sometimes it worked, but it’s getting harder isn’t it?

You’ve become so obsessed with your all-important keyword list that you now dream about them in your sleep! So how is it done? What are these mysterious SEO ninjas doing with your time?

The SEO staff at Webrevolve often goes surfing in the Bahamas every fortnight. Sadly, that’s a tragic lie, in reality we’re busy keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends. We are technicians – we share knowledge, we write good content, we build online relationships, we research and we develop your brand. Our inquisitive minds follow every crumb of advice Google and its peers offer.

We know what you’re thinking, “oh, Google must be making a fortune – that’s why they don’t tell you everything about SEO”, but quite frankly we disagree – they do guide us on how to optimise websites, we just know where to look, which is why we have happy clients. We simply dedicate our time, enthusiasm and apply lashings of elbow grease to help your business grow. However, we offer one piece of advice:

Have you ever considered stepping back from your own website, and looking at it like you’ve never seen it before? We suggest that you do. What does your website tell your visitors about your image? We often encounter websites that have plenty of good points – maybe it looks like something Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of. Or maybe the ‘About Us’ page is so well written, it deserves a Nobel Prize in Literature. Perhaps the ‘Downloads’ page it’s so informative that the British Library wants to archive it.

When’s the last time you added a news article, or added a blog post about your PR team’s latest marathon? Or should you be asking yourself, why can’t you update your site on a regular basis? Keep content fresh and visitors will engage with your brand more positively than if they discover a website that hasn’t been updated for a year or so (thinks the website visitor; “are they still trading during this recession?”).

Website architecture is one of my guilty secrets. Ripping an old website apart for pure SEO purposes is liberating. With my handy Hawk-Eye (thanks for the nickname chaps), I’m always looking for improvements to a website’s structure to let the Google juice flow. The basic building blocks (ie building your website) is where we start to help you optimise your website.

There is one magical gem that we have learnt over the years while the search engines have been developing their businesses – web design should never be neglected or forgotten, and SEO should never be a poor relative of web design. Both work hand-in-hand, and Google knows this.

Of course, I’m not going to tell you all our secrets, but I suggest that you talk to us about your website if the penny has just dropped, that actually, your website is looking a bit out of date now, compared to [insert your competitor’s name here].