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Yahoo turns to Google to reboot its search results

Searching with Yahoo could mean you get Google results thanks to an agreement between the two giants.

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The deal, which runs through to December 2018, gives Yahoo the right to use Google’s services on its properties in the United States as well as in all of the other countries where it owns or operates its own Websites.

But with one notable exception – Europe – where Google is embroiled in a tussle with regulators over alleged monopolistic practices.

Yahoo have described the agreement as one which will see Google provide text and image search services to Yahoo users on both mobile and desktop platforms. Google will also provide Yahoo with targeted search advertisements via Google AdSense for Search.

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However. Not all Yahoo search queries will be routed through Google. Instead, Yahoo will have the discretion to select the queries that are sent to Google.

In terms of who comes out on top Yahoo will receive a percentage of the revenues that Google generates from the targeted ads served up on Yahoo’s sites and those of its affiliates.

This will obviously vary based on things like whether the ads are displayed on U.S. or non-U.S. sites and whether they are displayed on desktop or mobile devices.

In return Yahoo must pay Google for the image and search results that it requests.

But both parties are keen to emphasise that the deal is non-exclusive, meaning that Yahoo can still use Microsoft’s Bing or its own in-house technology to provide search ads.

Back in 2000 Yahoo was partnered with Google to carry both Google’s search results and ads.

That partnership lasted for many years, until Yahoo eventually developed its own in-house search technology and ad serving systems in 2004.

However, as it stands, this three-year deal still needs US Department of Justice approval and could even get vetoed by Indian or EU action.

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