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iOS 10: The big changes you can expect for your iPhone

Summer may have only just arrived, but some of us are already eagerly awaiting a host of new features for our iPhones when iOS 10 is released this autumn.

5 Iphones showing different imagesAnnounced at the tech giant’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the latest version of iOS is due to be unveiled this autumn to coincide with the expected launch of the next generation of handset, the iPhone 7.

So just how ground breaking are these changes or will most of us barely notice any difference when we go to make a call or send a message?

Here are some of the key changes to expect when iOS 10 is released later in the year.


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Perhaps the biggest change that we will see on our iPhones will be a series of major updates to Apple’s messaging app. The new iMessage facility is about to have its very own App Store which will allow you to order food, book flights and send money without even having to leave the conversation you’re in. You can also play YouTube links from within the iMessage app. Another new feature means you can send a message in your own handwriting and it’ll even animate it at the other end just as though you were writing it in front of your friend. Apple has also introduced predictive emojis where the keyboard will automatically highlight a word, then all you need to do is tap on it to replace it with the relevant emoji. And if that wasn’t enough, you will soon be able change the way your message bubbles look, making them larger if you to want to SHOUT or smaller for whispering.

Apple Music

Thanks to competition from the likes of Spotify, Apple Music has been panned somewhat by critics over the last year, leading its creator to have something of a rethink. So a fresher,  cleaner design has been created for the interface that should it make it much smoother to navigate and will also display things like song lyrics as you listen to a track. Apple has also added a search tab to make it easier to find your favourite tunes. In one key change, the music library has a section called “Downloaded Music,” where users can see all of the songs stored directly on their device and in addition to iOS 10, Apple Music will be tweaked for Mac, PC and Apple TV.


Derided by many Apple’s maps will have something of an overhaul with the release of iOS 10. The new software sees Maps redesigned with larger buttons to make it easier to use, while extensions will enable you to book a table at your favourite restaurant or get a cab ride home with Uber directly from the map. Not only that but you will also be able to search for things like petrol stations along your route and Maps will even tell you how much longer it will take to arrive along with offering you suggested routes.


3 Iphones showing images and mapsApple’s new photo sharing service, Memories, will let you rediscover and share old photos with anyone you think might be interested. It will also automatically group photos into albums based on facial, object and scene recognition. Also, similarly to software available on Facebook, it will automatically produce edited films called Memory Movies by pulling photos together with theme music and titles.


iOS 10 will unleash a new, younger looking version of Apple’s voice activated assistant which will be able to access third party apps. This means Siri will no longer just be useful when it comes to basic voice searches; but could now be utilised for things like ordering taxis and take-away meals.

Lock Screen

One for you if you have your phone set to go to lock Screen after just a minute or two as the updated software lets you view photos and video, and even respond to messages straight from the lock screen. What’s more, the Raise to Wake feature will display all of your notifications on the lock screen as soon as you pick up the handset.


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Good news for app control freaks as iOS 10 will finally allow users to remove Apple’s default apps from their Home screen. But as Apple didn’t actually announce this as part of their launch how do we know it will soon be an option? Well, apps that were formally default on an iPhone’s home screen are now available for download, meaning they can also be removed.

Voice Activated Transcription

Can’t be bothered listening back through all those old voicemail messages in your inbox? Well, it’s not clear how accurate the voice recognition software will be, but if it works well, this is a feature that could save iPhone users a lot of time as it automatically transcribes voicemails so that that you don’t have to go through the hassle of listening to them yourself.

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