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What 2013 Has In Store For SEO – According To The Experts

It’s the start of a New Year! 2012 is over and 2013 has only just begun! And with a New Year comes a new start for many of us, whether that’s a new career, resolutions (albeit for a couple of weeks) or just simply a new way of working.

Today we’re going to look at some recent opinions from a few experts within the SEO industry and what they think 2013 has in store for SEO – including opinions, tips and, most importantly, what you should be doing this year to get ahead of your competitors in the SERPs.

In 2012, we saw big changes in the SEO industry – in fact, scratch that, some MASSIVE changes took place in SEO! And, unless you had your eyes shut, your ears covered and pretended everything was all fine and dandy, it’s likely that you or someone in your field was affected.

A study resulted in 87% of marketers saying that changes to Google’s algorithm have impacted their campaigns in some way (Econsultancy). The most notable of Google’s algorithm changes in 2012 were the Panda update (which included rolling updates) and, more recently, the dreaded Penguin update.

So then, what do the experts think 2013 has in store for your SEO campaigns? Let’s take a look shall we?

What has 2013 got in store for SEO?

This first article was written by Dave Bird of Webtisic and is one that, not only I thoroughly enjoyed, but fully agreed with in terms of what he thinks SEOs should put most focus into in the year ahead. The post details some tips on what’s changing in SEO including the future of mobile, personalised search and Digital Marketing.

SEO Predictions for 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just to mix things up a bit, I’ve included a cool Infographic into my list for your viewing pleasure! Scrolling down the vibrant piece, Vinny details how businesses are equipping their marketers for 2013 and details how you, as an SEO expert, should be preparing yourself. This includes some interesting tips on how you can take advantage of one of the most talked about topics recently – Google Author Rank.

Go ahead and feast your eyes!

5 Things that are In Store for SEO in 2013 and beyond

Thirdly, the following post written by Matthew Ellis, is a very detailed list on what he describes as the “trends that will almost certainly be really big this year”. This includes the importance of Social Media, CRO and Humanized Ranking Metrics. If you’ve got a spare 10 minutes I really suggest that you make yourself a coffee and take all this info in! Great post Matthew!

Which Top SEO Tactics Will You Focus On In 2013?

The next post I’ve decided to include is from the ever popular Search Engine Land and was written by Paul Bruemmer who specialises in local SEO for large and small agencies. Again, the following post from Paul contains lots of juicy content on what he expects in 2013 with several different tactics for SEOs to focus upon with the stats to back them up! What more could you ask for?

Personally, I really learned a great deal from this post, there’s definitely a couple of points which I’ll be adding into my campaigns this year.

SEO in 2013: 7 Surprisingly Simple Factors That Will Take The Lead

Last – but certainly not least – is a popular post from Jayson DeMers from the Search Engine Journal. As the title gives suggests, Jayson provides us with some really simple tactics that any blog or business owner could implement in their marketing campaign – all of which are certainly well worth a read.

And so concludes what I think are some great opinions on what we can expect in 2013 from some of the experts in SEO. I really hope you find these posts as useful as I did and I’m sure you will get some benefit from them though.

Please feel free to share what you think will change or come into play over the next 12 months or if you have any articles which you found useful in the comments section below.

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