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We’re in good company: Liverpool named place to visit in 2014



I always thought living in the centre of Liverpool was a good thing – and I’m not just talking about the fact it only takes me 10 minutes to walk to work in the morning.

It would seem the good people at Rough Guide share my passion for city living by the Mersey and recommend that everyone experience it at least once in 2014.

The publication, which is seen as a bible for tourists and travellers around the world, names Liverpool the top UK city and third in the entire world for people to visit this coming year.

Listing the city’s cultural renaissance and revitalised Baltic Triangle area as a major factor in the decision, they also mentioned huge annual events such as the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Liverpool Biennial, Light Night, Africa Oye and the Grand National.

“What began with the gradual redevelopment of the Albert Dock area has evolved into a full-blown cultural renaissance,” explains Rough Guide. “Liverpool, once named the world’s pop music capital, has rediscovered its mojo.”

For anyone that is interested, Liverpool’s place was secured by finishing just behind Brazil’s carnival capital Rio and Sarajevo in Bosnia.

A top three finish then, we’ll take that. Just don’t all come at once!