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Does your website pass Google’s mobile test?

Google has announced changes to its search algorithm that could negatively affect websites without mobile capabilities – does your website pass the test?


Ever tried to access a website on your mobile phone, only to find yourself having to scroll endlessly and zoom-in in order to make sense of the copy?

Then there’s is the problem of trying to click a link on the page without accidentally stumbling on the wrong one.

Gleefully, for mobile users (not to mention those with chubby fingers), Google wants to make our lives even easier by promoting sites that have been optimised for mobile in its search results with their own ‘Mobile Friendly‘ label.

The changes should be rolled out globally over the next few weeks, so if you haven’t seen the labels yet, you soon will.


Here is one of our client’s websites with the mobile-friendly strap attached

It’s thought you will only see the new label if you’re using a tablet or phone and it shouldn’t appear on a desktop search, even if sites on the results page are indeed optimised for mobile use.

But just what are the requirements that, in Google’s eyes, make a site mobile friendly?

1. Use of Software:

Not using software that mobile devices can’t access, such as Flash.

2. Text Size:

Text that is readable without the need to zoom-in.

3. Ease of navigation:

Content size that fits the screen, so eliminating the need to scroll horizontally or zoom.

4.  Accessability of links:

Links being separated so that they can be tapped easily.

Google has been offering hints that they are to be focussing on mobile experience for some time now, and have recently launched mobile usability reports to help webmasters to combat issues with their mobile web sites.

So, how do you know if your website ticks all the mobile boxes? You can see if your site is eligible for the new mobile friendly label by adding URLs to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page and clicking on the “Analyze” button.

Here at Webrevolve we have produced a number of mobile-friendly websites for our clients. Examples of which can be found below.

IMG_4180 IMG_4181