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Webrevolve’s meeting of minds at Breakout Liverpool

The Webrevolve team paid a visit to Breakout Liverpool to test our problem-solving skills and everyone made it out to tell the tale… eventually!

We like to think we are pretty good when it comes to solving problems and overcoming difficult decisions so wanted to put these skills to the test outside of the digital marketing environment at the nearby Breakout Liverpool.

Breakout is a live escape room game where groups are locked in for an hour and have to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries in order to, well, breakout, by searching high and low for clues while working together in order to mount their great escape.

Webrevolve Team members celebrating breaking out of Breakout Liverpool

Opening in March 2015 it began with just two live escape rooms, before later opening eight more, each ranging in difficulty while having their own plot; in our case it was “The Detective Office,” where teams of sleuths (us!) work together to solve the case of their missing, presumed murdered, friend.

After the initial introduction and customary safety demonstration it was time to get to work as both groups got to work on trying to prove what really happened to their pal before the long arm of the law caught up with them and accused them of the killing.

This involved cracking a range of clues, from rifling through criminal case files to uncovering a host hidden weapons both teams raced against the clock to uncover the evidence that would enable them to make a break for it before it was too late.

Webrevolve Team members holding signs of nearly broke out of Breakout Liverpool

Only one group managed to beat the clock and break free though we thought we’d save their embarrassment and won’t mention any names – they know who they are – but all in all the experience proved to be a great success.

“We wanted a team-building exercise that would enable collaboration and require some improvisation, with a fun twist,” explains Paul Myers, Head of Search. “Breakout was the perfect solution – a great couple of hours spent challenging the office minds and glad to be on the winning team, breaking out with just five minutes left!”

(Images courtesy of Breakout Liverpool and Liverpool Echo)

Three images of Breakout Liverpool

Stay tuned for further Webrevolve group activities in the months to come!