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Webrevolve talk careers with local students

We’ve taken some time out to talk careers at Liverpool John Moores University.

Webrevolve LJMUSeveral members of the Webrevolve team went along to LJMU to talk to students about opportunities in the digital marketing industry when it comes to finding a job in the big, wide world.

Webrevolve has a long association with LJMU, with Founder and CEO James Rowan being a graduate of the university himself and now sits on the board of governors.

James realises the importance of placement opportunities, having done one himself when completing his degree, and is always keen to promote new talent in the same way when it comes to Webrevolve.


Webrevolve CEO and Founder James Rowan, a former LJMU graduate

One of those who attended was our very own Kyle Maguire, who himself joined Webrevolve on a placement while continuing his studies, and was keen to share his experiences with other students.

Kyle is working at Webrevolve as a Front End Developer as part of a sandwich course offered by LMJU.

“I was mainly telling them how much I’ve learnt and how relaxed the office is which creates a great place to learn,” he explained.


Kyle Maguire joined Webrevolve as a placement student from LJMU

“I wanted to gain real world experience, he says. “Learning from experts and having the chance to spend the day coding, which I felt would benefit me far more than only been able to do it of an evening.

“Basically I love the atmosphere, I love the work and I love learning new techniques on how to improve my code as a whole and make it more efficient.”

Are you looking for a placement in web development? Then drop us an email at [email protected]