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Twitter introduce direct messaging and mobile video facility

The world’s biggest micro-blogging social network is launching new features to make it even easier to keep in contact with your online connections.


That’s right, you’ll now be able to record and share videos directly on Twitter, and even start private group chats too.

The new update comes almost immediately after the social media giant announced their ‘While You Were Away feature,’ as they look to gain ground on rival Facebook, who have recently acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, enabling users to upload video and send instant messages.

Users will be able to upload videos up to 30 seconds in length, that’s double Instagram’s current 15-second limit, and five times the limit of Vine.

video_blog_imageNew editing suite makes it easier to produce and share video clips

And Twitter’s built-in video editing tool will make it easy to record multiple clips and stitch them together to form an overall video with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

As for the private messaging feature, this means that rather than having to tag everyone into a public conversation you can add up to 20 people in a private DM group – more of a cocktail party than a bar room conversation.


Chat with up to 20 other people using the new message option 

The usual limitations apply, for example, you and the person you add need to be following each other. However, if you are included in a group chat you don’t need to be following everyone in order to join (just like those awkward cocktail party conversations where you only know one person in the room).

Also, Twitter’s 140 character limit still applies even on this private message facility.

The new updates will be rolled out over the coming weeks.