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The History of the Cardboard Box: An Infographic for PECPAC

Box HeaderToday we can present the latest infographic design for one of clients – The History of the Cardboard Box: A Timeline.

The graphic has been developed for our SEO and PPC client – PECPAC. As a specialist packaging company, PECPAC supply all sorts of delivery and transportation solutions from cardboard boxes to jiffy bags to bubble wrap.

Having explored the history of one of those products – the cardboard box – it was clear that we may able to produce a visual timeline that details the origins of the invention and its evolution over the years to become a staple product in our society.

In terms of a design, we felt a production line of cardboard boxes could creatively demonstrate the timeline of events in an appealing manner.

We hope you like the infographic and, if you’d like to use it on your blog or website, simply copy the following HTML code!

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The History of the Cardboard Box – An infographic by the team at Webrevolve.