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The search engine almanac: What can we expect in 2015?

“Guy selfie tips,” “Ice bucket challenge,” “Crowdfunding” and even “Paleo diet” were all some of the most searched terms in 2014.


Whether it was photos or football, it’s estimated that over 100 million searches were made every month last year as we once again turned to Google to quench our collective thirst for knowledge.

So as soon as the most searched terms of 2014 were revealed recently , here at Webrevolve (being the forward thinking bunch that we are) we immediately began considering what might cause us to start searching for that oh-so-vital vital information we desperately crave in the year ahead.

Obviously we can’t predict the future, but we can make an educated guess as to what might be some of the top search terms of the next 12 months.

And here’s what we came up with.

PaulPaul Myers, Head of Search

Search: Apple search engine

“Apple launching a search engine, or at least the beginnings of one, would certainly get people talking and could generate a ton of search results. I could see Facebook doing something similar too. I reckon, if it happens, this could be a top search term in 2015.”

Matthew Crist

Emma Parkinson, SEO Technician

Search: 50 Shades of Grey Film

“Due to the books being such a huge success, people are waiting with baited breath for the film to be released, so no doubt they will be searching for movie gossip, as well as spoilers and reviews.”

Matthew CristMatthew Crist, Copywriter

Search: One Direction break-up

“Far be it from me to knock a band who have sold a shed load of records and completed a huge world-wide tour, but everything comes to an end eventually (their record contract is up next year). So expect to see “One Direction breakup” as one of the top search terms come the end of 2015. But don’t hold me to that!”

TomTom Wright, Digital Marketing

Search: Rugby world Cup 2015

“The rugby world cup is a huge sporting event that comes around every four years, making it very special and always provides top quality entertainment. A repeat of that famous Jonny Wilkinson drop goal in 2003 would make sure it is one of the most searched terms in 2015.”

JasonJason Ekwueme, SEO Executive

Search: Ashes 2015

“England will be looking to bounce back after a dismal trip to Australia last time round. Alot has happened since then, and now England are heading in a new direction. How this all pans out would make up for an interesting search subject come the summer.”

Matt WoodMatt Wood, Digital Marketing

Search: Facebook for work

“As if we don’t spend enough time discreetly browsing our personal news feeds or stalking a member of the opposite sex (not me, honest), Facebook has big plans to make it perfectly workplace-friendly to engage with its interface – or at least its workplace equivalent that is expected to launch early 2015 and rival LinkedIn as the go-to professional and career-based social network.”

JonathanJonathan Meredith, Social Media and SEO

Search: Pay2Play

“Paid Ads have become unavoidable on Facebook, and #PAY2PLAY will be the new way. We will all have to embrace Social Media Advertising as Facebook plan to stifle Organic promotional posts”

MikeMichael Fielding, SEO Executive

Search: General election

“Like it or not, politics is bound to dominate this year’s search terms due to the general election. So if wall-to-wall TV and radio coverage isn’t enough, not to mention Twitter and Facebook posts, people can always turn to Google for that extra information they just can’t do without!”