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Retweet with comment: Quote tweets without wasting characters

Putting thoughts, feelings and emotions into 140 characters has become something of an obsession for many, and one that most of us have got down to a fine art.


But when it comes to retweets this most precise of skills can often be thrown into chaos.

Until now that is.

Becasue Twitter has just launched its ‘retweet with comment’ feature, meaning users can feature other tweets in their own posts without using up those crucially important letters and numbers.

Twitter began testing this new feature last year, but it has now officially been unveiled by the company – in a tweet of course.

So how does it work?

Simply click on the retweet button, and choose the ‘quote tweet’ option from the pop-up.

This will then slide the tweet into your post – showing a small version of it in the stream almost like a thumbnail – but crucially not using up any characters.


Clicking the retweet button will give you the opportunity to ‘Quote Tweet.’

The same will also happen if users link to a post within a tweet, with the service swapping out the link and replacing it with the smaller image, which Twitter refer to as a ‘card.’

The new feature could also mean that users get more credit for their original posts, as rather than having tweets taken and manually retweeted by users who add information at the beginning of the post, they will now be notified that their posts have been linked to.

This should eliminate ‘subt-weeting,’ or talking about tweets without actually making reference or giving credit to the person or original tweet.

The new feature can be accessed within Twitter’s apps for iOS and web, and is expected to be rolled out for other mobile apps in the coming weeks and months.