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Picture Perfect: How to launch a new menu online

They say a picture paints a thousand words and here at Webrevolve we know all about the power of good photography.

We recently carried out a photo-shoot for the Sir Thomas Hotel – in the centre of Liverpool and just around the corner from our office – who have launched a brand new menu of exciting and exquisite dishes from magnificent mains to delicious desserts.

Of course, a menu can go some way when it comes to tempting the taste buds of potential patrons with detailed descriptions of the dishes on offer, but without visual representation, these words can often fall on deaf ears and that’s where great photography is essential.

So in order to maximise the impact of these marvellous culinary creations our photography team spent some time at the Sir Thomas, working closely with their team to produce some eye-catching imagery.

But it doesn’t end there. So here’s is the story of how we take perfect pictures and turn them into marketing masterpieces.

3 Images showing a photographer take pictures of food

1. Planning the Perfect Shoot

The key here was to establish just what could be achieved from top-class imagery to get the perfect picture. That’s because images can be used for an array of purposes, from offline brochures and leaflets, to the Sir Thomas’s new website or on their social media accounts, so having a clear focus regarding what the goals are was key in this case.

In order for the images to look as genuine as possible, the kitchen staff prepared all the dishes fresh, on the day, to ensure they appeared as they would had they been ordered by a customer.

2. Taking Great Photographs

We may all think we are pretty decent photographers, what with the evolution of smartphones, but to really make the most of images there are a few factors everyone should consider. Using a Canon 700D with an EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM standard prime lens, everything from natural daylight to artificial lighting had to be taken into account as well as things like where the dishes are to be positioned for maximum impact.

This was particularly important at a restaurant such as the Sir T, which has recently been refurbished, so we wanted to combine great looking food with a fantastic looking venue.

3 Images of different types of food

3. The Editing Process

Despite the high quality of the images we think of a picture rather like a blank canvas before those vital finishing touches have been added. So our design team were able to enhance the images to add depth, vibrancy, and atmosphere to ensure they catch the eye of potential visitors to the restaurant while also grabbing the attention of existing customers.

“There are many advantages to shooting raw,” explains Webrevolve photographer and designer Conagh Williams. “From edits that are not possible with JPEG images, to the ability to easily alter white balance. In general, processing images on a computer instead of in-camera means you’re in charge, so you can tailor the look to your exact needs.”

4. Creating Design Assets

We don’t just believe in the power of the images speaking for themselves and strive to use our photography for powerful marketing campaigns. So our design and social marketing team work together on how best to use the images we’ve taken to create wonderful marketing assets which, as well as doing justice to these fabulous photos, can also increase the restaurant’s customer base and ultimately revenue.

3 Images of a laptop showing the editing process for the food images

5. The Menu Goes Live

This was far from the end of the process for us as the menu going live provided plenty of marketing opportunities which needed to be utilized to their full potential. As a result, we left no stone unturned when it came to the spreading the word about the launch.

Why not take a look a look at the new menu from the Sir Thomas to see some of the tasty creations we had the pleasure of capturing in all their glory?

6. Online Promotion

Once the images are looking their utmost it’s time to share them with the world and by using strong imagery – in everything from targeted Eshots and social media posts to branding and posters – we were able to reach out to the Sir Thomas’s desired target market.

3 Images showing different versions of the Sir Thomas Hotel New Menu

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