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11 Types of Office People That You Probably Work With

mainimageAs the saying goes; you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.

Unfortunately that also applies to the people we work with.

However fulfilling your job may be, there are bound to be those around you who drive you mad, hold you back, distract you, or all of the above (not at Webrevolve, of course. We all love each other here).

But have you ever looked closely at the different types of workers you deal with on a daily basis?

In case it has escaped your attention, here is a more detailed look at those who we spend most of our lives with but often wish we didn’t.


chatterboxThe Chatterbox

Never afraid to tell you what they have been up to on their weekends, day off, evening with the family or even lunch break; The Chatterbox will also happily tell you just what they think about your life too. If you sit near the Chatterbox you may be resigned to wearing headphones for the rest of your time with the company. If you don’t, then it’s well worth strategically planning your route to the toilet or drinks machine so that you don’t get cornered en-route.

The Skiverskiver

If you are the type that comes in on time and doesn’t mind doing the odd late finish or working through lunch then you’ll hate this character. Strolling in 15 minutes late, going MIA when the office is in turmoil and basically doing next to nothing when they are actually there; the only credit you can give this character is that they are able to hold down a job without doing anything at all.

schmoozerThe Schmoozer

Strutting around the office like something out of a bad 80s movie, The Schmoozer’s motto is very much: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Stopping to chat to everyone on the way, their journey to the toilet resembles a presidential candidate on a political walkabout. Complete with immaculate hair and power suit – this worker wants your vote! Oh, and a promotion.

The Morning Personmorningperson

However early you get into the office, you’ll never get there earlier than The Morning Person. Not just do they get in just after the evening cleaners have gone home for the night; they are also overly bubbly and excitable for such an unearthly time of the day.

snitchThe Snitch

Never missing a trick, The Snitch is always the first to bring your mistakes, misdemeanours and blatant sickies to the attention of the management. The biggest problem you have is identifying them. Due to the poor press surrounding the position of Snitch, they will rarely make themselves public, so tread carefully and make sure there is no one looking over your shoulder- especially when you are reading this!

The Brown Noserbrownnose

Not to be confused with The Snitch, The Brown Noser is less interested in getting others in trouble and more about feathering their own nest. Always volunteering for extra work and proposing additional tasks you often find that for all their talk, the Brown Noser will end up turning to colleagues such as you when they realise they have bitten off more than they can chew – don’t oblige!

workaholicThe Workaholic

Forget lunch hour. This brave soul doesn’t know the meaning (we’re not sure they even eat). Not only exclusive to the rigours of the nine to five work day, The Workaholic is fully prepared to take their work home with them and will often even outlast the boss when it comes to fulfilling office hours. With that said, this person isn’t against a team bonding session. Only if they get to bring their laptop, mind.

The Surfersurfer

This person loves nothing more than to use their allotted time to surf the web endlessly – largely looking at pages completely unrelated to work (before fobbing it off as “research”). The surfer has a small attention span and tedious work tasks can often be overlooked in a matter of minutes to check the latest football transfer news or whether Google has a new doodle.

antichatThe anti-Chatterbox

The anti-Chatterbox is the polar opposite of the Chatterbox (obvious, I know). You won’t hear barely a murmur all day out of this particular person. Think blood and stone and you’re on the right track. Only dealing in the bare minimum forms of communication such as shrugging shoulders and the occasional nod of the head. Sometimes socially awkward and impossible to work out whether they’re actually working or not.

The Socialitesocialite

The Socialite isn’t necessarily someone who is full of verve during the day (although cases can vary). But when it comes to a pint down the pub after work they’re more than game. In fact, this person would have a staff booze-up every Friday if it was a) affordable and b) didn’t mean destroying their liver. The socialite is also a social network veteran and has befriended every member of the workforce on Facebook. Even the cleaner.

worrierThe Worrier

The Worrier is a person who frequently requires assurances that what they’re doing is ok and they’re not making a total balls-up of whatever task they might be putting their hand to. Overawed by any form of seniority, The Worrier can’t help but feel that the sack is just around the corner every time the boss calls them into their office.