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Office Hugs: What are the Rules?

HugYou know how it is, you’re introduced to someone at a wedding or night out and there’s that split second where you contemplate leaning in for that ever-so-friendly kiss on the cheek.

Do you? Don’t you? Will they do the same? Will you meet in the middle? Left? Right? Both cheeks?

Fortunately this is something that doesn’t happen in too many work places (especially not this one).

But if you believe what you read then showing a little love in the office is fast becoming the norm – with employees of companies and corporations everywhere (definitely not this one!) all too happy to share their inner feelings with others.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the office hug.

However. Like with the kiss on the cheek there are so many dos, don’ts and maybes involved, you’d be forgiven for not wanting to partake at all.

So for those of you who are willing to embrace the office hug there are a few rules you might just need to learn before going in for the kill.

All together now…

1. Keep it in Public

An office hug is a public show of emotion, so why hide it? Not just that but imagine the look on a colleague’s face if they walk in on you and a work mate hugging in the toilets.

Be comfortable with your emotional side, be proud to hug openly!

2. Don’t Hug Your Clients

Things may be tight, work is scarce and you are considering anything to drum up a little business.

But whatever you do, don’t start hugging those who you rely on to keep your company afloat. This could be seen as harassment, sending them running for the hills and taking their valuable contracts with them.

3. Give it Your All







A fake hug in the workplace is as bad as a limp handshake. Either do it properly or not at all.

Think about what you want to achieve from your hug, take a deep breath, open your arms out wide and do your duty. Anything less will see you draped over your fellow worker like a wet blanket.

4. Go with Your Instinct

If you have a moment of doubt as you weigh up going in for the office hug, this is probably good enough reason to suggest you shouldn’t do it.

So let your head rule your arms, and if it doesn’t feel right, keep your hands firmly in your pockets.

5. If in Doubt, Shout it Out

Engaging in a bad office hug can be devastating enough but what’s worse is being “left hanging,”

So in order to not look like a desperate scarecrow, you need to make sure the person you intend on hugging knows just what you have in mind.

“Hey, come here,” “Gi’s a hug,” “Show me some love,” will at least ensure that onlookers know you haven’t completely lost the plot.