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Mobile Searches Now Outnumber Desktop Searches

Did you know there are more mobile searches than desktop searches?

There are now more searches performed on mobile phones than desktop computers. So following on from our article about Google’s new Mobile Experience Tool, we thought we’d talk about some of the reasons Google is pushing the importance of mobile website performance.

More Mobile Searches Than Desktop Searches

Summer 2015 saw mobile searches outnumber desktop searches for the first time.

Google reported that it delivers 100 billion mobile search results per month.

That’s 100, and 9 zeros if you’re counting.

Interestingly, this figure only includes devices with screens of 6 inches or less, and so excludes most tablets.

If more people are using mobiles than desktop PCs, isn’t it essential that your website works on phones as well as laptops?


Many of us use our phones as our primary device for all our online activity, and one of the main reasons is convenience.

We rarely turn on the desktop or laptop at home just to find out snippets of information, whether it is related to the advert we see on TV, a film we’re watching, reading emails or researching a purchase. We’re far more likely to grab our phone and find out what we need to know.

Perhaps a more considered purchase, such as clothing, a new car or moving house will involve a larger screen or more people, making using a laptop a more sensible option. However, we often sacrifice screen size for convenience.

Your customers are the same.

So searching for your company or the products or services you provide need to be able to achieve their goals quickly and easily when they use their phones.


Another stat to remember is that more than half of all emails are opened on a phone.

This means that if you’re sending emails to your potential or existing clients or customers, and include links and expect them to visit your website, then your website needs to work well on their phone.

Remember that not every mobile user is using 3/4/5G on the bus or in the street; we use our phones at home and at work, over wi-fi, maybe more so than use our precious data allowance.


The truth is people are unlikely to be prepared to wait for your website to load. This means your site needs to be lightning fast.

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