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Google is still king. And if you don’t believe us… just Google it!

googlebingGoogle’s search engine has continued to demonstrate its popularity among desktop and tablet users – despite predictions that competitors such as Bing would soon be challenging their dominance of the market.

Just last year, one of Google’s biggest challengers in the field launched its “Bing it On” challenge, which saw users taking a kind of blind “taste test” that pitted Google vs. Bing in order to determine which search engine’s results are preferred by more users.

Initially, Microsoft’s original commercials for the challenge claimed that people preferred Bing at a ratio of almost 2 to 1 in the blind tests.

The bickering has continued from the respective camps ever since, but recent figures released by Stat Counter have suggested that Microsoft’s perceived threat to Google has fallen some way short – along with its fellow competitors.

Between December 2012 and December 2013, Google was first choice among an average of 88% of computer users, peaking at 90.5% in April of 2013.

This was a figure way ahead of Bing, whose highest share was just 6.67% in September of last year – a massive 70% behind their bitter rivals.

A close – yet still dismal third – was Yahoo, who managed to record just 3.53% at their highest point of the year, followed by AOL – who could only manage a peak of 0.66%.

Bing may mean business but right now Google is still the undisputed king of search.