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Google’s latest way to make websites pay: Sign up for Embedded Consumer Surveys

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Google has announced a new way to make money from  website content – the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network.

The embedded surveys ask visitors to answer a few short survey questions in exchange for access to content, and in return the site earns money for each question answered.

Think of it like a paywall for your website without the payment.

Not dis-similar to charging for content access, this system still blocks users from viewing the whole site, but  the only thing preventing full visibility is answering a few simple questions and not cold hard cash.

Google embedded survey

Be prepared to see more questions like this when you are browsing.

But despite the fact that real money is not changing hands, there is still potential for website owners to earn some extra funds.

Google claims these surveys are an easy addition to your site and you can even choose where they appear, how often users are prompted to fill them out, how much content you want to make visible, and how much of it you want to make accessible after filling out a survey.

So just what can you earn from Google Consumer Surveys?

Well at the moment the going rate is 5 cents per answer, with survey creators being charged 10 cents for every questionnaire- so not a great deal but a decent profit share none-the-less.

But before you start shouting “where do I sign up?” UK web owners might just have to be patient.

At the moment only US publishers are being accepted, with those in the UK and Europe, along with Canada, soon to follow, with even more countries soon to be included.

As for the terms and conditions, the only requirements are that web owners have an AdSense account in good standing, an 18+ audience, and must follow Google’s Publisher Program Policies.