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Google domains: What impact will they have on digital marketing?

Last year Google quietly launched its own internet domain registration service with very little fuss or fanfare.

Domain-NamesBut will this be good news for webmasters or is it a step too far for a company spreading itself a little too thinly?

Okay, to begin with you may need an invite to get in, have to purchase your own URL and Google won’t actually be hosting your site (the company have joined up with Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify), but it’s a development that could well mean some stiff competition for leading domain registrars like Go Daddy in the not too distant future.

Our search team sat down to discuss the pros and the cons of Google domains and what it might mean for the world of digital marketing.

So here are a few of the major talking points that came up in our rather heated debate, along with some of the responses given by the team.

“It’s an attractive service for small businesses”

Michael Fielding, SEO Executive

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“One of the main advantages Google Domains will have for small business owners is that it will make their first experience online an easy one thanks to the ability to both access and edit your Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Ad Words and Google Aps, all from one simple dashboard.

Then, of course, there’s  the benefit of a relatively simple setup, not to mention being free of those really annoying ads!”

Matt Wood, Digital Marketing

Red Cross

“Small business owners may be granted access to a catalogue of synchronised Google Apps by using their domain service but how many small business owners complete their own in-house marketing?

“These days it’s less and less because of the complex and evolving nature of Digital Marketing and SEO. Marketing agencies are king and will each have their own preferential set of tools to work with.”

“It Will Lead to Greater Web Domination by Google”

Tom Wright, Digital Marketing

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“Providing unique domains is yet another chance for Google to dominate what is appearing on the web and I have little doubt it will become a success due to the popularity of their current products and services.

It could also be a valuable tool in their ongoing efforts to appeal to small businesses who are looking to advertise their services online.”

Jonathan Meredith, Social Media & SEO

Red Cross

“I’m not sure that by providing their own domain names Google will be any more dominant than they already are. Yes it could be good for some small businesses, but many companies use their own marketing agencies for this kind of thing now to achieve the best results.

If anything it could be seen as an attempt by Google  to challenge the huge power and influence held by registrar firms such as Go Daddy.”

 “It will be advantageous from an SEO perspective”

Emma Parkinson, SEO Technician

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“From an SEO perspective Google Domains could certainly be valuable. Let’s say you’re searching for specific businesses or service, you could just manually insert the specific keyword into Google to find the best results.

For example, if you were to look for a builder you would simply search the term “” which would then pull-out all the construction related websites based on the url of the site.”

Jason Ekwueme, SEO Executive

Red Cross

“You don’t get much for nothing in the world of digital marketing and this could be another example of that, as I believe Google domain names might well just be a ‘selling tool’ in order to attract new clients. But at what cost?

Companies might well see greater SEO results, but this could mean that businesses will need to increase spending to compete in the long term.”