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Google to close unverified accounts on July 28th

If you haven’t used your Google My Pages account for some time, then you run the risk of losing it for good.

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Last month it was reported that Google will remove unverified listings from the Google My Business listings area and know we know when.

And despite it appearing that it had been given the last rights, it seems Google are still trying anything to revive their fading social media platform.

That’s because inactive Google Plus local pages which have laid dormant for a period of time will be “unverified” or basically shut down on July 28th.

It’s all part of a general clean-up of unclaimed or dormant pages/listings and final step in separating Local from Plus

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Things have been looking bleak for Google’s social media platform

The news was broken in an email from Google which has been circulating a number of blogs and search forums.
It reads:

“On July 28, Google will begin shutting down those GMB-associated Google+ pages that have not been associated with user accounts and are also not verified. You may find that some of your Business View tours also sit on such pages, but note that after this removal of unverified Google+ pages, the Business View tours will still remain available on Google Maps and Google Search.”

So  you need to make sure you verify your business listings in Google My Business as soon as possible or run the risk of losing your account for good.

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