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Google Chrome makes immediate impact on iOS devices

Google’s web browser – Google Chrome – has made a successful transition from desktop PC to tablet and mobile devices.

Designed to make browsing the web on your Apple device “really fun”, the release was a consequence of user demand after fans of the application had asked for a scaled-down version to become available for iOS.

Purposely built for iPad and iPhone owners, the browser made its way to the App Store late last week and has already claimed first position in the “Top Free” category, gaining over 3,500 ratings in the process.

With over an 80 per cent hold on the search engine market, Google will be ecstatic with another stamp on the web place following the release of their flagship browser in 2008 which is perilously close to overhauling Mozilla Firefox as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer primary competitor.

This time around, Google will be going head-to-head with Apple’s built-in web browser Safari – a market share that is likely to prove impossible (or more realistically, will prove impossible) to compete with but one that Google isn’t afraid of fighting in a David and Goliath-eque contest.

Chrome’s App boasts features that include being able to open, close and swap tabs easily with a quick swipe and the ability to sync your Google ID across all of your devices.

This move into the hand held market certainly displays Google’s ever-increasing state of competitiveness after assuming control of online video broadcaster YouTube and their attempt to take on the net’s biggest social network, Facebook, with their own contestant; Google+.

While Google continues to dominate the search engine world, a position of superiority is unlikely to take place in the hand held or social network scene any time soon.

Mind you, David always did win.