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Facebook release Moments App

Facebook have  launched an app that might mean not everyone sees your embarrassing holiday snaps.

Image of 2 phones showing Facebook Moments App

Last year Facebook were rumored to be releasing a standalone app that allows users to share photos of friends as well as receiving images of themselves – without everyone getting a peek.

And now it seems the rumours have become reality just in time for those potentially cringe-worthy holiday snaps.

The ‘Moments’ app groups photos on your phone based on when they were taken and – by using facial recognition technology – which friends are in them.

Facebook explain more about ‘Moments’ app in an animated promo video

You can then privately sync those photos quickly and easily with specific friends, who can choose to sync their photos with you as well – similar to the process of ‘tagging’ pictures that currently exists.

‘It’s hard to get the photos your friends have taken of you, and everyone always insists on taking that same group shot with multiple phones to ensure they get a copy,’ explained product manager Will Ruben in a recent blog post.

‘When you go to a wedding, for example, there are many people taking great photos throughout the day.

‘You all want a quick way to share your photos with the friends who are in them, and get photos that you’re in back.

The new app was launched Monday for users of Apple and Android handsets in the United States, and will be rolled out to other countries over time.

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