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Is Facebook about to put on a suit and tie?

If Facebook aren’t content with making money from workers wasting time on their social network site, it seems they want a piece of the LinkedIn pie too.

Facebook at work

There’s no doubt social media can be a valuable tool when it comes to developing workplace connections, discussing the latest industry news or even finding a new job.

And it appears Facebook wants a piece of the action as rumours circulate that the social media giant is planning to build its very own “at work” website that will go head-to-head with LinkedIn.

At this moment in time, what is thought will be called “Facebook at Work” is only in its infancy and there are few details if any to go on.

But if reports are to be believed a version of Facebook for the office is already being tested by employees at the company’s HQ, with workers even using it to alert management of things that need doing around the building.

It’s not known whether it would be standalone site, or simply a version of the original that can be activated in the workplace.

It is thought however, that the any new site would be entirely separate from personal accounts, with no information from a user’s social profile appearing on his or her professional page

But with many companies conscious of the amount of time employees spend on social media sites, providing something that would allow workers to share thoughts, opinions and information about the company they work for could be looked upon more favourably by employers.

As recently as last summer an unnamed source at the company claimed it was working on a new version for use during working hours, with Sky News reporting the anonymous individual as saying: “We are making work more fun and efficient by building an at-work version of Facebook.”

However, until now Facebook has declined to confirm or deny the reports and says it does not comment on rumours.