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Direct Message anyone on Twitter, even if they don’t follow you

Twitter announce you no longer have to be followed before you can send Direct Mail.

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Sick of waiting for your favourite boy band to start following you so you can send more intimate messages?

Well, due to changes announced by Twitter this week, you may not have to any longer.

Direct Messages (DMs) are the best way to make your public conversations a little more private and now it’s easier to communicate one-to-one or with a selected group of Twitter users.

Previously, if you wanted to send a Direct Message to someone, you’d have to ask them to follow you first.

But with these new changes, people can opt to receive Direct Messages from anyone.

So a new setting now allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don’t follow them.white iphone with twitter accountIt also means you can reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, whether you follow that person or not.

The changes are being rolled out immediately to Twitter users around the world and to change your personal setting just click here.

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