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6 ways to make content marketing work for your business

Whiteboard Wednesday

SEO is getting harder, and as a result everyone is concentrating on their content.


Well, because everyone has to adhere to the various Google algorithms of course.

And with hundreds of blog posts being published every minute of every day, you better make sure your content is king otherwise it will probably never get noticed.

Your content represents your product, and applying a strong marketing strategy makes perfect sense – because the best thing anyone can achieve for their content is exposure.

We recently got together and sat down to discuss content marketing as part of our series of #whiteboardwednesday meetings.

To be honest, we may have posed the question, “how long is a piece of string?” such is the complex nature of this most intricate of topics.

What then, did we conclude?

Well, if we agreed on nothing else from one of our more hotly contested whiteboard meetings, it was that it’s all about getting results. After all, that’s why you create content, right?

So with that in mind, here are some of the ways we came up with to make your content captivating, while also letting the world know about your business.

Making content work


1. Think outside the blog

As a blogger, it pains me to say this, but it can be pretty easy to think only in terms of blogging. But there is a whole big world out there.

Modern content marketers need to think beyond the borders that constrain them and take their content elsewhere. This could be anything from podcasts and YouTube videos, to E-books, slideshows, infographics or even forums.

2. Make it interesting

The only reason your content will have the effect you desire is if you are saying something interesting.

People love connecting with others on a personal level, so if you have a story to tell, this will only enhance the message you are trying to get across as it is a natural instinct for people to want to delve further and find out more.

3. Position your share buttons carefully

Do you have share buttons on your blog? And if so, have you taken the time to look at where they are on your page?

It may not seem like much but something so simple can make a real difference to who sees your content.

If possible try and keep your share buttons towards the top of the page. This means readers don’t have to scroll down before they stumble upon sharing button – and makes them more likely to share with others.

4. Give a call to action

Each time someone reads your content, you should be leading them towards that inevitable call to action.

This could be something as simple as a sidebar that offers your readers more information on a particular subject or maybe an invitation to sign up to regular email updates.

5. Maximise the potential of your content

Try creating content that you can re-use in multiple different ways. A good example of this is a blog series that can then be turned into an E-book.

You can even get people to sign up to regular email alerts or newsletters. Good content providers will learn to stretch their content as far as it will go and by doing this you can really reap the benefits.

6. Give something away

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, so by using your content as a platform for a promotion or giveaway, there’s a better chance that people will engage with you, as well as sharing your message with others.

You could offer prizes, discounts, even services that you already provide – all for nothing in order to create something of a buzz.

Everybody knows that the best way to grow your business is to have people talking about it, so give them something to talk about.