Project meeting

Brothers of Charity Services Choose Webrevolve

We’ve been buzzing around the office with excitement this week on hearing news of a new client win – Brothers of Charity Services.

The organisation has sites in Liverpool and Lancashire but operates in several regions within the North West. They provide a wide range of support services to people with learning disabilities, and others at risk of being marginalised, which promotes their dignity, individuality, inclusion and the fulfillment of their potential.

Brothers of Charity Services current web presence is admittedly dated and in need of a re-think. The website needs to act as a gateway for new/potential clients but also as a resource for current stakeholders. They had a specific idea of how they wanted the main ‘gateway’ website and regional sub-sites to be connected.

Our team took their time to understand the organisations needs and proposed an innovative website solution, which is sure to meet their desired goals and stand out from the competition.

I would love to give away some previews of our ideas but we’re keeping it all under-wraps until live date in a couple of months. Let’s just say our in-house animation team are heavily involved with this project!

Stay tuned for more…