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5 Reasons Basecamp can benefit your business

There are hundreds of project management programs on the market, but we’ve settled on one that covers all bases.

From preventing the build-up of email files within your email system, to alerts, reminders and to-do lists. After experimenting with a few options, some of which just didn’t cut the mustard, we believe Basecamp is invaluable to the way we work for both internal management and client progress communication.

Obviously, the choice is entirely yours, but here are five reasons we think Basecamp is boss.

1. Everything’s on one page

Basecamp is one of the only project management apps out there with single-page projects, so regardless of how big or small your project is you know exactly where you are at all times.

Even if you have 20 or 50 projects running at any one time no data is lost and your team will be able to follow the projects quickly and easily to their conclusion.

2. It has personal and business options

Initially Basecamp was only used by business professionals and small business owners. But now there is a personal plan that lets individuals organise their own projects while also updating followers of projects that aren’t related to the company.

Business plans are still available, but the personal option is less expensive and still has all the same features.

3. It’s mobile

Thanks to a number of apps on the market you have a complete overview of your projects wherever you are. Basecamp has some great official mobile apps for iPhone and Android users, and even if you’re a BlackBerry or Windows Phone user, there are some decent third party solutions out there too.

There is even a chat option chat function. So whether you just want a casual chat with your colleagues or want to discuss an upcoming deadline, you can always use the mobile app.

4. The to-do lists

To make keeping-up with specific tasks easier, the to-do lists are spot on. They can be assigned to an individual or groups and have due dates added, so everyone knows what the deadline is.

It is also possible to add comments to the to-do list, which is useful when it comes to discussing specific tasks that a number of people are working on.

5. Easy file transfers

Basecamp is able to handle very large files, hence why it’s our preferred means of transferring files such as wireframes, visuals, images and PDFs to back up the projects we are working on.

And to make things easier when files are attached to a message, they are automatically added to the files section of Basecamp for everyone to see.

What does it cost?

Basecamp offers five different plans to choose from; Online Simple Start, Online Essentials, Online Plus, Online Essentials with Payroll, and Online Plus with Payroll.

Every plan has a monthly fee (starting from around £15) and increases depending on the plan you opt for and differs in services, such as the number of users, projects and features you get.

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What we think

Things like the use of to-do lists, file transfers and the ability to keep tabs on everyone’s schedule mean the list of pros certainly outweighs any cons we came across.

If there was to be a criticism, however, it’s probably the fact that if a new message, or to-do, is not assigned to anyone then no one will receive notification, meaning that potentially a message could go unnoticed.

Also, the lower costing plans are rather limited with how many projects or people you can have.