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5 Jumpers of Christmas


You can’t accuse the Webrevolve team of not getting into the Christmas spirit, and to celebrate the last day in the office before the big day; the jingle-bell jumpers were out in force.

With the festive fashion accessory now being as much part of the Yule tide celebrations as turkey and tinsel, we didn’t want to let the side down (well most of us).

So choose your favourite from the classy, Christmassy collection on display here; though first prize has to go to James’s authentic tree looking number in the middle if you ask me.

On the topic of Christmas jumpers – here’s my top 5 advent accessories to be seen out in at this time of year…

1. The Noisy Jumper

Plays a little Christmas ditty, which is great for making an entrance and even better if you’re in a really noisy room so no one else can get annoyed.

2. The Light Up Jumper

Light up a room in your own unique way while assuring you’re centre of attention the whole night. Just don’t forget to turn off at the switch when you crash out on the sofa after a particularly heavy Christmas party.

3. The 3D Jumper

If snowmen and baubles weren’t enough, you can now guarantee to make an impression (literally) with a jumper that really stands out in a crowd.

4. The Retro Jumper

Perfect for the frugal party goers (naming no names) the retro Christmas jumper means you can pull something out of the bottom of your wardrobe that hasn’t been seen since WHAM! Were number one and claim it’s a Christmas classic from yester-year.

5. The Designer Jumper

For those who are just too cool for school the designer number allows you to venture into the spirit of the occasion; while still keeping whatever street cred you still have left…yeah right!