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5 Digital trends to look out for in 2016

What is it about January? Everyone looks forward to it when the countdown to midnight begins, but as soon as it’s here, we all can’t wait for it to end.

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And every news programme, paper or magazine loves to look back at everything that happened over the past 12 months, like we’ve forgotten already.

Well how about leaving all our yesterdays well behind us and delving into the future instead?

So at Webrevolve we’ve put our collective heads together and, as we enter 2016, come up with a few advances in the world of digital marketing that this time next year we might all be talking about.

1. Mobile First

More and more site redesigns will take a ‘mobile first’ approach in 2016, as mobile becomes the dominant platform for us to search and browse the internet.

All this will come about thanks to things like better use of location, improved camera technology, and other improved phone capabilities, meaning there will be less reasons for needing an app to be dominant on mobile devices.

As a result responsive web design will become de facto as businesses understand they can no longer ignore mobile visitors. So don’t leave it until next New year before ensuring your website is fully responsive and mobile friendly, you’re competitors will already be one step ahead of you by then.

2. Voice Search

Searching using voice commands is something that many of the big players have been pushing for some time now with Siri and Cordona being two of the most recognisable platforms.

In fact Google has reported improvements in voice search not once but twice last year thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and greater investment in software.

Voice search is certainly less rigid and more ‘conversational’ while being more about the actual questions than keywords (Who is the? How much are? Where is the?)

Greater usage of voice activated search in 2016 could lead to more opportunities to capitlise by creating unique and relevant content that answers these types of specific questions – which might just meet the needs of potential customers.


3. Socially Driven Search

In 2015 Google partnered with Twitter and formally announced it would be showing tweets in search results. We are now seeing the true impact and business value of this search-social partnership and it’s quite possible that 2016 will be the year that sees a steep increase in social indexing.

This means that if you’re introducing a new product, promoting existing offers or plugging an event, it’s now more important than ever before to gain maximum exposure for your businesses through social media. That’s because Google, being the dominant search engine, will make marketing updates (via Twitter) available to users in real-time

So as more people turn to social media to look for the information they need, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Instagram, your social media presence could become more important than ever when it comes to providing relevant answers in real time.


4. Less reliance on Organic Rankings

It’s something that many of us don’t like to admit, but currently, organic rankings are almost a ‘vanity’ measure when it comes to measuring a site’s performance and success.

This is because different people see different results anyway, so they are not as important as some people might like to think.

Organic rankings are less important than actual traffic and conversions, so expect to see less emphasis on them come 2016.

5. Greater Use of Content

We’ve all heard the expression content is king but if you want your site to be seen by as many people as possible and start ranking for search terms then it really is.

Good on-page content will better meet the needs of visitors, allowing them to navigate the sight easily and find what they are looking for.

But good content isn’t just about product descriptions or sales pitches. Features, articles, news stories and even images are all good for generating interest in your brand and are priceless when it comes to social media shares.


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