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5 Digital trends we could see in 2015

Ever noticed how this time of year gives us with the perfect opportunity to look back?



You know the kind of thing. What we have seen develop. Trends that have come out of nowhere. Not to mention those that have vanished into thin air.

But it also presents us with a chance to look forward.

So as 2015 approaches, here are a few advances in the world of digital marketing that this time next year we might all be talking about.

1. Expansion of wearable technology

sony watch

While many people still remain sceptical about “wearable technology” 2015 may sound the beginning of a new era for these much talked about accessories. So if smart watches finally become the norm and Google Glass the en vogue must-have, we could soon expect marketers from various industries to seize this opportunity and target on-the-move customers next year.

2. Easier ways to make direct payments


With developments such as Snapchat’s new Snapcash service the rise in person-to-person payments could snowball in 2015. Combine this with the Apple Pay ecosystem and the way money “changes hands” in the future could look very different.

3. An increase in voice activated technology


Well-known software programs like Siri and Dragon are now standard for most smart phone users. But don’t be surprised to see more forms of speech recognition and voice activation applications over the next 12 months, with the automotive industry, military, medical profession and other sectors thought to be adopting the technology for use in the workplace, as well as everyday life.

4. The Death of Google Plus

Death of Google plus

As the much maligned social network continues to cling on for dear life, don’t be surprised if 2015 is the year that Google Plus is finally given the last rights. The signs are there for all to see. In recent months, Google backtracked on its authorship functionality, and users are no longer required to create an account when using YouTube, Gmail or other Google tools. So you could say the chances of the site seeing another Christmas look bleak.

5. Growth of social media advertising


It began with Facebook and now other social media platforms are being a lot more aggressive when it comes to appealing to advertisers. Despite YouTube considering an ad-free service, Twitter and Linkedin have both developed more sophisticated advertising tools with Instagram and Pinterest, not to mention Snapchat and Whatsapp expected to follow suit in the coming year.