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3 Ways voice recognition is changing content

Is your website ready for a huge change in the way people browse the net?

Apples’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now all allow people to bypass the keyboard (or touchscreen) and speak their search queries.

Yes, speech recognition technologies might have been around for years, but thanks to advances in techniques, technologies and natural language processing (NLP) what was once a rather novel feature is ready to make a huge impact on your website’s content.

As voice search technology develops and becomes more prevalent, it’s important for businesses and marketeers to adjust their strategies to accommodate the changes.

But the problem is, brands faced with adjusting to voice input for search will often turn this reasonably straightforward challenge into a much more complicated problem because they simply haven’t adjusted accordingly.

So here are three important factors to remember when preparing your content for this huge change.

Less Keyword Heavy

When a user is speaking their query, the tendency is to speak in a conversational, or natural manner, which is markedly different from the way people type queries into a search bar. This conversational search style creates unique queries that bypass the need for more traditional keywords, and rewards sites with content that falls in line with the user’s request.

Predicting Behaviour

By learning to understand the user’s intention for the search, a more satisfying result can be produced. But it’s not just a case of recognising speech patterns when it comes to what people are looking for, it’s also about predicting future searches based on co-occurring key terms. This means that user behaviour could soon be the single most important factor to consider when optimising content.

More Relevant Information

Often, users who are using voice search are looking for information about the here and now. Things like the location of you business, the prices of your products, or instructions on how to do something. This means an increase in voice search may very well mean there is a high demand for content that is relevant, answers questions and gives immediate advice to the searcher.

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